I offer massage “At Love Joy Peace Massage” and “At Your Location.” See details below:

at Love Joy Peace Massage

722 Weiland Road, Greece, NY 14626 Suite 206

30 Minute Massage Treatment $45 
60 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage: $70
90 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage: $100

*First time clients who book 60 minutes or more receive a $20 off coupon to use towards their next 60 minute or longer appointment 

** It is recommended you arrive at or a few minutes before your appointment time as your full massage time is not guaranteed if you arrive late**


At Your Location

At this time, the option ‘At Your Location’ is NOT available

YES!!! I am willing to travel to your location!
Imagine receiving a massage in the comfort of your very own living room or from the 3-season room in your summer cabin…

A Travel Fee of the following is added to the massage rate, depending on distance. Distance is calculated from my office located at 722 Weiland Rd, Greece, NY (to keep everything consistent, I use Google Maps when calculating distance)

0-10 miles =  $20 travel fee per massage
11-20 miles = $30 travel fee per massage
21-30 miles = $40 travel fee per massage
31-40 miles = $50 travel fee per massage
40+ miles = Please contact me as overnight travel accommodation may be required (I am currently licensed to provide massage services in New York State, only)

The above travel rates are added to the following rates for the services available for travel…

60 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage: $80
90 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage: $110

If you are requesting an At Your Location Massage please adhere to the following:

  • The Room to be used must be pet free. All pets must be lovingly placed in an area of the home where they will not disturb the massage or come in contact with any of the massage equipment (Table, Oils, The Therapist:-)
  • If your home has pets please thoroughly vacuum the massage room if there is carpeting, or sweep if there are hard woods/vinyl/linoleum flooring prior to my arrival.
  • The Room must be large enough to accommodate a massage table with room to comfortably move around the table
  • The Room must have a level of privacy where I can step away easily or close a door while you get on the massage table
  • I ask for access to a bathroom so that I may wash my hands
  • Please email me the address and let me know where to park
  • Please contact me directly at mnmassage60@gmail.com to schedule a treatment session at your own location 

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a form of bodywork where the primary goal is to bring relaxation to the entire body. This is achieved by applying pressure and organized massage strokes in a particular pattern. People from all age groups can find this massage beneficial in helping them to promote relaxation as well as decrease the aches and pains brought on by everyday life.

Sports Massage

Many athletes choose to incorporate massage into their fitness program because it can help them achieve their athletic goals.  Massage can potentially help lessen muscle pain.  Combined with added stretching this can help promote and maintain the health of a muscle. This can give an athlete the opportunity to gain more confidence in their body’s ability to go the extra mile when striving to meet and exceed their goals.

For pricing and details on Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and Specific Treatment Massages please contact me. These services will be tailored to your requests and needs.

Returning Visitors

Thank you for coming to see me again. I truly appreciate you taking me along on this journey with you. I consider it an honor and privilege that you allow me to be a small part of your health regimen. The more we get to work together, the more I can tailor your massage to meet your needs and expectations. I look forward to hearing about the benefits you find massage has had in your everyday life.

Corporate Events

Thank you employers for caring about your employees and wanting to help them relieve some stress, maintain their health and create a more relaxed and productive work environment, even in the midst of a regular office day. If you wish to be able to provide chair massage for your employees, please contact me at mnmassage60@gmail.com or by phone at 585.733.1686. I would love to be your Therapist for your Health and Wellness Days!

Pricing outline as follows:

$75 for each hour (per Therapist needed for the event)
$50 travel and supply fee.
Chair massages can range in length from 10-20 minutes, depending on number of massages requested. Total cost is subject to change depending on the specifics for the event.

Gift Packages – Gift Package Options expire after 3/10/2023…be sure to grab one before they are no longer available!

The gift of massage is a wonderful way to tell someone you love and appreciate them. The ones who care for you day in and day out…show them how much you appreciate and care about them…and get one for yourself too!

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Cancellation Policy

I understand, things happen. If you have to cancel an appointment, I ask for your consideration:

More than 24 hour notice and No Cancellation fee will be applied
Less than 24 hour notice will result in a fee equal to the rate for the massage scheduled (a new massage appointment cannot be honored until any outstanding balance is satisfied)

If you must cancel an appointment and are subject to a cancellation fee please contact me directly to discuss the fee and rescheduling of the missed appointment.